Nicole Montagna, MA, CI, CT
American Sign Language/English Interpreter


Originally from New York City, my love of languages was sparked by growing up seeing multi-lingual signage on the subways. I took my first American Sign Language (ASL) class the summer after graduating from high school. I became involved in the Deaf community while in college and spent my senior year as a visiting student at Gallaudet University. After graduating I spent the summer working at the National Association of the Deaf's Youth Leadership Camp (YLC). Between my time at Gallaudet and YLC, I had the fortunate opportunity of having a year long ASL immersion experience.

After college I moved to San Francisco. Soon after establishing residency in California I entered the Ohlone IPP. Those two years were my interpreting immersion experience. It is during my 14 years there that I developed a career as sign language interpreter. My career was nurtured by a supportive professional community of interpreters, Deaf people and my involvement with NorCRID, Northern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

While maintaining an active interpreting practice I also pursued graduate studies at San Francisco State University. With my new pursuits in instructional technology I am expanding my career to include interpreter training. I am interested in exploring emerging technologies and their applicability towards training and professional development in the interpreting profession.

I have since moved back to New York and continue to freelance interpret and provide consulting on instructional technologies for interpreter training programs. I work primarily in the metro NYC area, but I also accept assignments in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), Washington, D.C. and the San Francisco Bay Area.

It really does take a village to raise an interpreter. Profound gratitude and thank you to: all the members of the Deaf community who have welcomed me and shared, and continue to share, their language and culture with me, for all the interpreters who have mentored me and been supportive colleagues and for having a loving and supportive family who has always encouraged me to pursue my goals and happiness, even if it meant moving away from them for a period of time. Thank you all for this incredible gift, a journey into sign language.


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